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Explore Top Freelance Writing Websites with Me

In this section, I will dive into the world of freelance writing and explore the top freelance writing websites available in the US. These websites offer a wide range of freelance writing opportunities, from beginner-level jobs to more advanced gigs. By using these platforms, you can boost your income and become part of a thriving freelance writing community. Let’s take a closer look at these websites and discover the best ones for your freelance writing journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Freelance writing websites provide a plethora of job opportunities for aspiring writers.
  • These platforms cater to writers of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals.
  • Joining a freelance writing community can offer networking and support opportunities.
  • Exploring the best freelance writing websites can help you find the most suitable gigs for your skills and interests.
  • Continuously investing in your writing skills can set you apart in the competitive freelance writing market.

Smart Blogger Jobs Board

The Smart Blogger Jobs Board is a valuable platform for freelance writers, bloggers, content marketers, and copywriters. It offers a wide range of freelance writing jobs, both part-time and full-time, catering to different levels of expertise. What sets this platform apart is its user-friendly interface and extensive training materials, which provide valuable resources for writers looking to enhance their skills. The best part is that it is completely free to use, with no sign-up requirements or fees.

As a freelance writer, the Smart Blogger Jobs Board offers a plethora of opportunities to work with clients in the niche of blogging and content marketing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer, you can find gigs that match your skills and expertise on this platform. By joining the Smart Blogger Jobs Board, you can become part of a vibrant community where you can network with other professionals and gain insights into the world of blogging and content creation.

In summary, the Smart Blogger Jobs Board is a top-notch platform that caters to the needs of freelance writers, bloggers, content marketers, and copywriters. With its user-friendly interface, extensive training materials, and a wide range of freelance writing jobs, it is a valuable resource for writers looking to boost their income and grow their careers. Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience, the Smart Blogger Jobs Board has opportunities for everyone. So, why wait? Join the platform today and take your freelance writing journey to new heights.

Some Testimonials from Freelance Writers:

“The Smart Blogger Jobs Board has been a game-changer for me as a freelance writer. The platform is easy to navigate, and the job listings are consistently high-quality. I have been able to secure several long-term clients through this platform, which has significantly boosted my income.” – Emily, Freelance Writer

“I love how the Smart Blogger Jobs Board offers extensive training materials for writers. The resources provided have helped me fine-tune my writing skills and stay updated on the latest industry trends. It’s a great platform for both beginners and experienced writers looking to level up their craft.” – Mark, Content Marketer

Comparison Table: Smart Blogger Jobs Board vs. Other Freelance Writing Websites

Platform Free to Use Training Materials Job Opportunities Community
Smart Blogger Jobs Board Yes Extensive Wide Range Vibrant
Upwork No Limited Abundant Competitive
Craigslist Yes Varies Hidden Gems Varies
FlexJobs No (Subscription Required) Varied Wide Range Professional

Upwork: A Robust Freelance Marketplace for Short-Term Contracts and Project-Based Freelance Writing Work

When it comes to freelance writing, Upwork is a name that often comes to mind. As one of the largest freelance marketplaces, it offers a wide range of job opportunities for freelance writers. With millions of freelancers and clients on the platform, Upwork provides a competitive space where writers can find writing gigs that match their expertise.

Upwork offers both short-term and long-term contracts, allowing writers to choose projects that align with their availability and preferences. Whether you prefer hourly work or project-based assignments, Upwork caters to various freelance writing needs. It’s important to note that Upwork charges fees for using their platform, but the potential for finding high-paying writing gigs makes it a worthwhile investment.

As a freelance writer, signing up on Upwork opens up a world of possibilities. You can showcase your skills, build your portfolio, and connect with clients from different industries. By leveraging Upwork’s extensive platform, freelance writers have the opportunity to enhance their reputation and grow their client base.

Table: Upwork Overview

Features Details
Number of Freelancers Millions
Job Types Short-term and long-term contracts, project-based work
Fees Upwork charges fees for using the platform
Benefits Opportunity to showcase skills, build portfolio, connect with clients

With its extensive reach and diverse job opportunities, Upwork is a valuable platform for freelance writers seeking short-term contracts and project-based work. By utilizing this freelance marketplace, writers can take their freelance writing journey to new heights.

Craigslist: A Hidden Gem for Remote Content Writing Jobs

When it comes to searching for freelance writing gigs, Craigslist may not be the first website that comes to mind. However, it can be a hidden gem for finding remote content writing jobs. While it does require some patience and careful vetting, there are solid writing opportunities to be found on this platform.

One of the benefits of using Craigslist for freelance writing is the opportunity to build your writing portfolio and gain valuable writing samples. This is especially advantageous for beginners who may be looking to establish their credibility and showcase their skills. Additionally, larger cities like New York, LA, and Boston often have a higher volume of writing gigs available.

While Craigslist may not have the same level of organization and structure as other freelance writing websites, with persistence and careful searching, you can find legitimate remote content writing opportunities that align with your expertise and interests. So, don’t overlook Craigslist in your search for freelance writing gigs!

FlexJobs: Finding Freelance Job Opportunities

If you’re seeking flexible full-time jobs or freelance job opportunities, FlexJobs is a platform worth exploring. While accessing the job listings on FlexJobs requires a subscription, it offers a vetting feature that attracts experienced writers. This means that competition might be more challenging for newcomers, but it also ensures that the gigs available are of higher quality. With over 55 career categories, FlexJobs provides a wide range of options for freelance writers looking to diversify their portfolios and expand their skillsets.

One of the advantages of using FlexJobs is the variety of freelance job opportunities available. Whether you’re interested in writing for media publications, digital marketing agencies, or other industries, you can find relevant gigs on this platform. Additionally, FlexJobs offers resources and online courses to help freelance writers improve their skills and stay ahead in the competitive writing market.

While FlexJobs may have a subscription requirement and may be more competitive for beginners, it is still a valuable resource for freelance writers seeking flexible full-time jobs or freelance opportunities. If you’re an experienced writer looking for higher-quality gigs or want to explore different career categories, FlexJobs can provide you with the valuable connections you need to succeed in the freelance writing industry.

Benefits of FlexJobs for Freelance Writers Considerations
  • Access to a wide range of freelance job opportunities
  • Diverse career categories to choose from
  • Resources and online courses to improve writing skills
  • Subscription required to access job listings
  • May be more competitive for beginners
  • Experienced writers often use the platform

FlexJobs: Connecting Freelance Writers with Opportunities

If you’re a freelance writer looking for flexible full-time jobs or freelance opportunities, FlexJobs can be a valuable platform to connect you with the right gigs. With its wide range of career categories and vetting feature, FlexJobs ensures that you’ll find high-quality opportunities that match your expertise. While the subscription requirement and competition may pose some challenges, experienced writers can benefit from the valuable connections and resources available on FlexJobs. So, if you’re ready to take your freelance writing career to the next level, explore FlexJobs and discover the freelance job opportunities that await.

LinkedIn: Unlocking Opportunities for Freelance Content Writers

LinkedIn is not just a social media site; it is a powerful platform for business networking and career growth. As a freelance content writer, creating an optimized LinkedIn profile in your niche can help employers find you when searching for freelance writing talent. In addition to showcasing your portfolio and skills, LinkedIn allows you to actively search for freelance writing jobs using filters that match your needs.

While it may require more effort to chase leads on LinkedIn compared to other freelance writing websites, the process of cultivating your network can lead to more opportunities in the future. By connecting with professionals in your industry, you can expand your reach and establish valuable connections that may result in collaborations or job referrals.

Building Your LinkedIn Profile

When crafting your LinkedIn profile as a freelance content writer, there are several key elements to consider:

  • Headline: Use descriptive keywords to highlight your expertise and attract potential clients.
  • About section: Write a compelling summary that showcases your unique skills, experiences, and writing style.
  • Work experience: Highlight your freelance writing projects, previous clients, and notable achievements.
  • Skills: List your core writing skills, such as copywriting, blogging, SEO, or content strategy.
  • Recommendations: Request recommendations from previous clients or colleagues to build credibility and trust.

By optimizing your LinkedIn profile with relevant keywords and a strong professional presence, you increase your chances of being discovered by potential clients seeking freelance writers.

“LinkedIn is not just a social media site; it is a powerful platform for business networking and career growth.”

The Power of Networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers numerous opportunities to connect with professionals in your field and gain industry insights. Joining relevant groups and engaging in discussions can help you expand your knowledge, establish yourself as a thought leader, and attract potential clients or collaborators. By actively participating in conversations and sharing valuable content, you can enhance your visibility and build credibility within your niche.

Furthermore, LinkedIn also provides the option to follow influential thought leaders, content marketing agencies, and industry publications. By staying up to date with their content and engaging with their posts, you can foster relationships, gain valuable insights, and potentially open doors to new freelance writing opportunities.

In conclusion, LinkedIn is a valuable platform for freelance content writers looking to connect with potential clients, build their network, and stay relevant in their industry. Through an optimized profile and active engagement, you can unlock new career opportunities, expand your client base, and foster professional growth.


When it comes to finding freelance writing opportunities, Textbroker is a platform that offers a range of content orders that you can work on. They claim to deliver over 100,000 content orders each month, providing a steady stream of work for writers. To get started, you need to submit a work sample that will be rated, allowing clients to gauge your writing skills. Once approved, you can start writing for open orders and earn money based on the quality of your work.

Work Sample Rating

One unique aspect of Textbroker is their work sample rating system. After submitting your work sample, it will be evaluated by Textbroker’s team to determine your skill level. This rating will determine which level of writing you can access, ranging from 2 to 5 stars. Higher-rated writers have access to higher-paying orders, so it’s important to showcase your best work in your initial submission.

Team of Writers and Direct Orders

Textbroker also offers the option to work on a team of writers or to receive direct orders from potential clients. Joining a team can provide a supportive community of writers who share resources and tips, while receiving direct orders allows you to work directly with clients who appreciate your writing style. These options give flexibility and variety to your freelance writing journey on the Textbroker platform.

U.S. Citizenship Requirement

It’s important to note that Textbroker requires writers to be U.S. citizens in order to work on their platform. This ensures that the content produced meets the standards and requirements of the U.S. market. If you meet this requirement and are looking for a platform that offers a wide range of content orders and the opportunity to work with a team or receive direct orders, Textbroker could be a great option for you.

Pros Cons
Wide range of content orders Lower pay rates compared to other platforms
Opportunity to work on a team of writers Requires U.S. citizenship
Option to receive direct orders

ProBlogger Job Board

If you’re a freelance writer looking for better-quality jobs in the blogging industry, the ProBlogger Job Board is a platform worth exploring. Created by veteran blogger Darren Rowse, this job board attracts high-quality freelance writing opportunities. While the listings on this platform are not screened, it still serves as a valuable resource for experienced writers.

The ProBlogger Job Board focuses primarily on blogging-related gigs, making it ideal for those who specialize in this area. However, due to the lower volume of listings compared to other sites, competition can be more intense. Nevertheless, if you consider yourself a blogging professional and want to take your career to the next level, this platform offers a range of opportunities.

Keep in mind that while the ProBlogger Job Board provides access to better-quality jobs, it is essential to showcase your expertise and skills effectively in order to stand out among other applicants. Crafting a compelling pitch or portfolio can greatly increase your chances of landing a gig through this platform.


BloggingPro is a job board specifically designed for freelance writers. It hosts jobs from various categories, making it a versatile platform for writers. Whether you specialize in blog posts, articles, or website content, BloggingPro has opportunities for you to showcase your skills and find freelance writing gigs. The platform is known for its quality control, as advertisers pay to list their ads, ensuring that the gigs available on BloggingPro are a step above other platforms.

When you browse through the job listings on BloggingPro, you’ll find a range of writing opportunities in multiple categories. From technology and travel to lifestyle and finance, there’s something for every freelance writer. This diversity allows you to explore different topics and expand your writing portfolio while earning a competitive income.

Why Choose BloggingPro?

  • Quality Control: Advertisers pay to list their ads, ensuring that the gigs available on BloggingPro are of higher quality.
  • Multiple Categories: BloggingPro offers various writing opportunities in different categories, allowing you to explore diverse topics and expand your portfolio.
  • Competitive Income: The gigs available on BloggingPro offer competitive compensation, providing you with the opportunity to earn a fair income for your writing skills.

If you’re a freelance writer looking for quality gigs in multiple categories, BloggingPro is a great website to consider. Sign up, browse the job listings, and start applying for freelance writing opportunities that match your expertise and interests.

Platform Quality Control Multiple Categories Competitive Income
BloggingPro Yes Yes Yes

Fiverr: A Platform for Freelance Content Writers

When it comes to finding freelance writing gigs, Fiverr is a platform that stands out from the crowd. As a freelance content writer, Fiverr offers you the opportunity to create your own gigs and set your rates, giving you control over your services and pricing. This platform allows you to showcase your skills and expertise in a creative and engaging way, attracting potential clients who are looking for specific writing services.

One of the unique features of Fiverr is that clients pay in advance for your gigs. This provides you with a level of security and ensures that you receive payment for your work. Additionally, Fiverr provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to communicate with clients, manage orders, and track your earnings all in one place.

However, it’s important to note that Fiverr can be a competitive marketplace, and standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. To increase your chances of success, it’s beneficial to have relevant experience and a strong portfolio. By showcasing your previous work and highlighting your expertise, you can attract clients who are willing to pay for your services. Overall, Fiverr can be a great platform for experienced freelance content writers looking to expand their client base and gain more exposure in the industry.

Pros Cons
  • Opportunity to create your own gigs and set your rates
  • Clients pay in advance, providing financial security
  • User-friendly interface for easy communication and order management
  • Can be a competitive marketplace
  • Standing out from the crowd may require relevant experience and a strong portfolio

Client Testimonial

“I’ve been using Fiverr as a freelance content writer for over a year now, and it’s been a game-changer for my career. The platform allows me to showcase my skills, set my rates, and connect with clients from all over the world. The ability to receive payment in advance provides peace of mind, and the user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage orders and communicate with clients. If you’re looking for a platform that empowers freelance writers, Fiverr is definitely worth considering.”


When it comes to freelance work in the media industry, Mediabistro is a top choice. This platform connects freelance writers with renowned media companies such as Bloomberg, CNN, and HBO, offering a range of exciting freelance opportunities. If you dream of working with high-profile companies in the media industry, Mediabistro is an excellent resource to explore.

Aside from connecting freelancers with media companies, Mediabistro also provides valuable resources and online courses to help freelance writers enhance their skills. These resources can be instrumental in improving your writing abilities and staying updated with current trends in the media industry.

It’s important to note that some freelance opportunities on Mediabistro may require additional credentials or qualifications, given the nature of working with well-established media companies. However, the potential rewards and professional growth make it well worth the effort.

Invest in Yourself

As a freelance writer, continuously investing in your skills is essential for long-term success in the industry. Fortunately, there are numerous learning resources available online that can help you enhance your freelance writing skills, expand your knowledge, and stay ahead of the competition.

One effective way to develop your freelance writing skills is by taking advantage of online courses. These courses offer structured learning experiences, covering topics such as copywriting, content creation, SEO writing, and more. They often provide valuable insights, practical exercises, and feedback from experienced instructors.

Benefits of Online Courses for Freelance Writers

There are several benefits to enrolling in online courses as a freelance writer:

  • Structured Learning: Online courses provide a structured learning environment that guides you through the writing process, helping you improve your skills step by step.
  • Expert Guidance: Courses are typically taught by industry professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge in freelance writing. Their expertise can provide valuable insights and tips for success.
  • Networking Opportunities: Many online courses offer community features where you can connect with other aspiring writers, share ideas, and receive feedback on your work.
  • Flexibility: Online courses allow you to learn at your own pace and fit your studies around your existing commitments, making it convenient for freelancers with busy schedules.

By investing in online courses, you can gain valuable knowledge and skills that will enhance your freelance writing career and open up new opportunities for success.

Online Course Platform Features Price Range
Coursera – Wide range of courses
– Accredited certificates
– Collaborative learning
$29 – $99 per month
Udemy – Diverse course selection
– Lifetime access to course materials
– Self-paced learning
$9 – $200 per course
LinkedIn Learning – Expert-led courses
– Access to industry professionals
– Integration with LinkedIn profile
$29.99 – $39.99 per month
Skillshare – Creative course offerings
– Project-based learning
– Affordable pricing
$19 per month or $99 per year

These are just a few examples of online course platforms that offer valuable learning resources for freelance writers. Before enrolling in a course, consider your specific goals and learning style to find the platform that best suits your needs.

Enchanting Marketing: A Valuable Resource for Copywriting

When it comes to the world of copywriting, Henneke Duistermaat’s Enchanting Marketing is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. As a Dutch blogger who embarked on her copywriting career in her 40s, Henneke brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to her website. Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter or just starting out, Enchanting Marketing offers a wealth of resources to help you hone your craft.

One of the standout features of Enchanting Marketing is the free 16-part email course offered by Henneke. This course provides easy-to-implement writing tips that can help you overcome writer’s block and find your voice. Henneke’s practical advice and actionable strategies make the course both informative and enjoyable. By signing up for this email course, you’ll have access to valuable tips and techniques directly from a seasoned copywriting expert.

In addition to the email course, Enchanting Marketing’s website is filled with long-form posts on various aspects of copywriting for sales and business. Henneke’s articles are both informative and engaging, providing in-depth insights and practical advice. Whether you’re looking to improve your headline writing skills, master persuasive copy, or gain a deeper understanding of content marketing, Enchanting Marketing has you covered.

Table: Enchanting Marketing’s Resources

Resource Description
Free 16-part email course An email course that provides actionable writing tips to overcome writer’s block and improve your copywriting skills.
Long-form blog posts In-depth articles that cover various aspects of copywriting, including headline writing, persuasive copy, and content marketing.
Expert insights Valuable advice and tips from Henneke Duistermaat, a seasoned copywriting expert with years of experience in the industry.

“Enchanting Marketing offers valuable resources and practical advice for copywriters, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional. Henneke Duistermaat’s expertise and passion for the craft shines through in her free email course and long-form blog posts. If you’re looking to improve your copywriting skills and find inspiration, Enchanting Marketing is a must-visit website.” – [Your Name]

Express Writers

When it comes to content writing and marketing tips, one of the go-to resources is Express Writers, founded by the highly experienced Julia McCoy in 2011. This website aims to assemble the best content writers on the web, offering a wealth of knowledge and resources for freelance writers looking to enhance their skills and gain valuable insights.

Express Writers covers a wide range of topics within the marketing spectrum, including strategy and tactics. Julia provides practical advice on copywriting, helping freelance writers craft impactful and persuasive content. Whether you’re looking for tips on writing compelling headlines or understanding the nuances of effective copywriting, Express Writers has you covered.

What sets Express Writers apart is the comprehensive marketing advice it offers alongside its copywriting resources. Julia aims to equip freelance writers with the tools they need to excel in the competitive world of content marketing. By following her expert guidance, writers can refine their skills, attract clients, and ultimately boost their success as freelancers.

“The key to success in content writing is understanding the power of effective marketing. By combining strong writing skills with strategic marketing tactics, freelance writers can create content that not only resonates with readers but also drives results for clients.” – Julia McCoy

Table: Express Writers Services

Service Description
Copywriting Expertly crafted copy that captures attention and drives action
Content Writing Engaging and informative content tailored to your target audience
Editing and Proofreading Thorough editing and proofreading to ensure error-free content
Content Strategy Strategic planning to create a cohesive and effective content roadmap
Consulting Expert advice and guidance to optimize your content marketing efforts

In addition to its comprehensive services and resources, Express Writers also offers valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of content marketing. With regular blog posts and updates, freelance writers can stay informed about the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

For freelance writers looking to sharpen their skills, improve their copywriting techniques, and access a wealth of marketing expertise, Express Writers is an invaluable resource that shouldn’t be overlooked.


When it comes to digital marketing and copywriting resources, Copyblogger is a powerhouse in the industry. Founded in 2006 by Brian Clark, the platform has established itself as the go-to source for valuable insights and practical tips for freelance writers. Whether you’re looking to enhance your copywriting skills or learn how to craft persuasive copy, Copyblogger has you covered.

One of the standout features of Copyblogger is its vast library of articles and tutorials that cover various aspects of copywriting. From tips on creating captivating headlines to mastering the art of storytelling in your copy, the platform offers a wealth of information to help you level up your writing game.

Copyblogger also provides practical resources and tools that can streamline your copywriting process. Whether you’re looking for templates, checklists, or style guides, you’ll find a range of resources that can boost your productivity and efficiency as a freelance writer. Additionally, Copyblogger offers online courses and workshops led by industry experts, allowing you to dive deeper into specific areas of copywriting and digital marketing.

In conclusion, Copyblogger is an invaluable resource for freelance writers looking to sharpen their copywriting skills and stay updated with the latest trends in digital marketing. With its comprehensive library of articles, practical resources, and online courses, the platform offers everything you need to become a masterful copywriter. So, if you’re ready to take your writing to the next level, be sure to check out Copyblogger and unlock your full potential as a freelance writer.


In conclusion, the world of freelance writing offers numerous opportunities for writers to grow their income and become part of a thriving freelance writing community. By exploring the top freelance writing websites, you can access a wide range of writing gigs, from beginner-level jobs to more advanced projects. These websites, such as Smart Blogger, Upwork, and ProBlogger Job Board, provide a platform for you to showcase your skills, connect with clients, and elevate your writing journey.

To succeed in the freelance writing industry, it is crucial to invest in yourself and continuously improve your skills. Take advantage of the learning resources available, such as online courses and networking opportunities, to stay ahead of the competition. Building a strong network and cultivating relationships with clients can lead to more freelance writing opportunities and long-term success.

So, whether you are just starting your freelance writing career or looking to take it to the next level, these freelance writing websites provide the tools and resources you need to thrive. Embrace the freelance writing opportunities available, connect with the freelance writing community, and take your writing journey to new heights.


Are these freelance writing websites only for writers in the US?

No, most of these websites are open to writers from around the world. However, some platforms may have specific requirements, such as being a U.S. citizen.

Are there any fees associated with using these freelance writing websites?

Some platforms, like Upwork, charge fees for using their services. However, many of the websites mentioned in this article are free to use with no sign-up or membership fees.

Can beginners find freelance writing opportunities on these platforms?

Absolutely! Many of these websites offer opportunities for writers of all levels, including beginners who are looking to gain experience and build their writing portfolio.

How do I get paid for freelance writing gigs on these platforms?

Payment methods vary depending on the platform. Some websites, like Fiverr, allow you to set your own rates and receive payment upfront from clients. Others, like Upwork, offer payment protection and handle the transaction process for you.

How can I stand out and land freelance writing jobs on these platforms?

To increase your chances of landing gigs, it’s important to showcase your skills and create a strong profile or portfolio. Tailor your applications to each job posting and highlight relevant experience and samples of your work.

Are there any specific qualifications or credentials required to work with high-profile companies on these platforms?

Some high-profile companies may have specific requirements or qualifications for freelance writers. It’s important to research and understand any additional criteria, such as subject matter expertise or previous experience working in the industry.

Can I find freelance writing jobs in multiple categories on these platforms?

Yes, many of these websites offer opportunities in various categories. Platforms like FlexJobs and BloggingPro host gigs from different industries, allowing you to explore diverse writing opportunities.

Are there any resources or learning materials available on these platforms to improve my freelance writing skills?

Yes, some of these websites offer resources, tutorials, and even online courses to help freelance writers improve their skills. You can find valuable content on platforms like Copyblogger and Enchanting Marketing.

How do I get started on these freelance writing platforms?

Each platform has its own sign-up process. Generally, you’ll need to create a profile or portfolio, provide relevant information about your skills and experience, and start applying for freelance writing jobs that match your expertise.

Can I use multiple freelance writing platforms to increase my chances of finding gigs?

Yes, many freelance writers use multiple platforms simultaneously to expand their opportunities and client base. Just make sure you can manage your workload effectively and deliver quality work to all your clients.

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